About ‘Vegan Peredachki’

Vegan Peredachki emerged on February 24, 2022, with a primary focus on offering aid to protesters detained overnight. Recognizing the complete absence of vegan food and essential supplies for detainees, we expanded our mission beyond protests.

Our Evolution

After six months, our focus shifted to individuals in pre-trial detention centers. Starting with the helping to Eugenia Makarenko, our assistance extended to 15 vegans and vegetarians. Yes, we also help vegetarians because we know better their specific dietary choices. Alhtough our care packages are always vegan.

What We Offer

Vegan Peredachki provides vegan food, vitamins, clothing, medications, hygiene products, and household essentials. Dealing with staff unfamiliar with vegan options in pre-trial detention centers poses challenges, but we persist in our commitment to providing compassionate aid.

We make a conscious effort to offer moral support to those under our care. Through organized events, we inspire individuals to pen heartfelt postcards and letters to inmates. Sending them the Vegetarian newspaper is another way we connect, and we engage with their families, providing guidance on embracing a vegan lifestyle.

Diverse Outreach

Our support goes beyond pre-trial detention centers, reaching those serving administrative arrests, undergoing sentences, receiving medical treatment, and even children in summer camps.

Funding and Coordination

Our operations rely on the dedication of coordinators and private donations. We encourage donations from abroad, as we can accept contributions without restrictions, ensuring the sustained impact of our efforts.

Our crypto wallet USDT:
TRC20: TP7XEh262Jr8JCRkUAz3Fh118xxhYgm5KT
BSC (BEP20): 0xd8e6a2481567880a7dddd275d67662939f513682.

Our Beneficiaries

Individuals under our care include Egor Balazeykin, Valeriy Kachin, Daria Polyudova, Anna Bazhutova, Nikita Oleynik, Andrei Chernov, Nikita Uvarov, Alexander Bakhtin, Anton Belichenko, Roman Paklin, Ivan Kudryashov, Ruslan Ushakov, Daria Trepova, and Eugenia Makarenko.

Reach Out

Please mail us via veganperedachki@riseup.net.